All our icemakers are manufactured in the E.U. They are robust and extremely reliable. There are no electronics, making the machine more cost efficient to service and maintain.

name: ICE25
production: 25kg
storage: 4kg
size: H:590 W:355 D:404
price: £850.00 + VAT
name: ICE35
production: 32kg
storage: 6kg
size: H:607 W:387 D:465
price: £899.00 + VAT
name: ICE45
production: 49kg
storage: 25kg
size: H:695 W:435 D:600
price: £1149.00 + VAT
name: ICE60
production: 75kg
storage: 40kg
size: H:860 W:515 D:640
price: £1349.00
name: ICE80
production: 85kg
storage: 40kg
size: H:970 W:645 D:640
price: £1649.00 + VAT
name: ICE130
production: 130kg
storage: 65kg
size: H:1075 W:840 D:740
price: £2150.00 + VAT

Hoshizaki Range

Hoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of ice machines. They provide an outstanding level of reliability and performance. Here at barservice uk , we stock the whole product range of hoshizaki from cube ice to iceflakers.

we occasionally stock these machines in ex-demo and reconditioned - please contact us for availability

name: IM21
production: 22kg
storage: 11.5kg
size: H:695 W:398 D:495
price: £1099.00
name: IM30
production: 28kg
storage: 11.5kg
size: H:695 W:398 D:495
price: £1399.00
name: IM45
production: 44kg
storage: 15kg
size: H:850 W:503 D:456
price: £1799.00
name: IM65
production: 63kg
storage: 26kg
size: H:850 W:633 D:506
price: £2299.00
name: IM100
production: 95kg
storage: 50kg
size: H:1200 W:704 D:506
price: £2899.00
name: IM130
production: 130kg
storage: 50kg
size: H:1200 W:704 D:506
price: £3199.00
name: IM240
production: 240kg
size: H:1510 W:704 D:685
price: £3799.00

Modular Range - Bin Sold Seperately

name: IM240AME
production: 240kg
storage: 210kg
size: H:880 W:560 D:700
price: £3499.00

Ball Ice - Ideal for the extra special drink!

name: IM65LEQ
production: 26kg
storage: 26kg
size: H:870 W:633 D:506
ball: 45mm diameter
price: £4049.00